Prom Dresses at JDO Couture

Shop the prom collection at JDO Couture!

JDO Couture has new arrivals in limited quantities every week. That means that a few dresses per style are available in the boutique. Our boutique also offers a prom dress school registry so that girls from the same school won't be able to purchase the same dress that has already been purchased by another classmate in the same school.

We also specialize in personal styling, so each look will be exclusive to you. We put the whole look together from head to toe at an affordable price that will look like the perfect red carpet moment for prom.

To try on dresses, please call to make an appointment so that we can accommodate you at 305 935 2228.

Helpful tips when shopping for a prom dress:
1. If you have a price range in mind, please let us know your budget
2. Do research- go online to look through dresses to get an idea of what you would like to see yourself in
3. Get excited- this is a special moment and can be a long process for you or your group,so relax and enjoy the experience.
4. If you like a lot of dresses, try to sort out your top 6 styles because when you have so many options, it's harder to make a decision.